SANADA Takehiko (Professor)
Clothing designer.
Mr. Sanada engages in art and design activities through clothing and textiles.
He was born in Tokyo in 1962.
He learned design in ISSEY MIYAKE INC., before going to live in London and later in the Arctic in Greenland. After working as assistant to Richard Deacon, sculptor, he started his own business.
He has exhibited artwork both inside and outside Japan, including, among others, London, New York, Belgium as well as Maison Hermès and Galerie Tokyo Humanité in Tokyo.
He has held projects to review the culture of dyeing in Japan since 1997, jointly with people in various communities.
He researches and develops "Pre-fab coats" to propose social issues through design, and holds "Sanada Juku" to foster and support the next generation without compensation. His books include " Ifuku (clothing)" (published by Rikuyosha) and "Clothing that thinks" (published by Stylenote).