SAKUMA Yukiko (Professor)
Born in Tokyo.
1973 Completed the art and design major course (clothing design) in the Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design.
She was a full-time assistant, full-time lecturer, assistant professor, and then professor at the Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design. After working as professor at the Joshibi Graduate School of Art and Design, she has been a contract professor since 2010.
◎ She specializes in the creation of materials and designing, creation, and expression of clothing (stage costumes and objets d'art) by hand weaving.
1973 - 2003 Participated in the designing and production of costumes for Emi Hatano Creative Modern Dance Studio performance (Yakult Haul, Hokutopia, etc.).
1986 "Joint exhibition – Hand weaving and knitting" (Ikebukuro Seibu Department Store)
1996 Playing with threads: "Joint exhibition – Frames for play" (Oz Oizumi Seibu)
1998 Solo exhibition: "Hand-woven cloth and fiber work … Wrapping humans…" (Gallery Shibayama, Ginza)
2000 Co-authored: "I made and you made," Bunka Publishing Bureau
2001 Solo exhibition: "Hand-woven cloth and fiber work; Approach to computer-controlled jacquard looms… Wrapping humans…" (Senbikiya Gallery, Nihombashi)
2000 to present Participated in Sankikai-ten since 2000.
2004 to present Participated in the Future Forms of Textiles Exhibition hosted by the JTC (Japan Textile Council) since 2004.
2010 Participated in the 43rd Creative Handicraft Exhibition and many other group exhibitions.
○ Awards: Decorated 5 times, including the New Artist Award, Incentive Award, and Sankikai Award, at Sankikai-ten and the Creative Handicraft Exhibition.
○ Her works have been exhibited and presented six times at exhibitions hosted by the Fukushoku Bunka Gakkai and posted in the collection book three times.
* She is a member and board member of the Fukushoku Bunka Gakkai; a member/councilor of Sankikai; and a member/councilor of Nihon Shugeisakka Rengokai (Japan Association of Craft Artists).   
She is also a member of the Japan Textile Council and the Textile Machinery Society of Japan (Society for Dyed Goods and Dyed Cultural Assets).